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Security Advisories from router vendors

Emulators - kick the tires on a routers web interface  top

More stuff from me  top

Self-updating Routers   top

Since many router owners do not update the firmware, a router that self-updates is, almost always, a good thing. Not that it doesn't leave other problems, but one less is one less. This list is, no doubt, incomplete. And, the view that self-updating is always good is overly simplistic. The Security Checklist page has the details on what to look for. The Routers with Self Updating Firmware page has details on how some vendors compare to this checklist.

Consumer Router Alternatives   top

Third Party Firmware   top

TOR and VPN Client Routers   top

VPN Client Routers   top

When most consumers encounter a VPN router, they are dealing with a router that can function as a VPN server. Much more interesting, to me, are the very few routers that can function as VPN clients. That is, the software necessary to connect to a VPN server, is built into the firmware. Very few routers, running the software they shipped with, can function as a VPN client. However, alternate firmware, such as DD-WRT and Tomato, do include VPN client software. Complicating things, however, are the multiple types of VPN. The most popular seem to be OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP with PPTP being the worst option as it is the least secure. HowToGeek wrote about this in July 2015.

TOR Routers   top

A word of warning about running Tor on a router from Matt Casperson: "Tor is only as secure as those applications whose data it is transferring, and one of the benefits of the Tor bundle is a browser that has disabled a number of plugins that are known to leak identifiable information."

Just Released Routers   top

Hot off the router presses.

Coming soon. Maybe.   top

A number of security devices are planned. Some are routers, others sit between your router and modem and yet others can plug into a router. These upcoming security devices are getting some press attention. See These Devices Are Trying To Secure The Internet of (Hackable) Things by Lorenzo Franceschi-Biccheirai (Jan. 8, 2016 at Motherboard). This list is in no particular sequence.

Default Router Passwords   top

Other Router Security Advice   top

The configuration suggestions offered on this site are far more comprehensive than you will find in any one article. That said, here are some other articles on router security.

Adding a router to a gateway   top

Assorted Resources   top

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